Why offer Skrill as payment method?

Skrill offers lower fees on your global payment transactions, so you avoid high exchange rates, expensive commissions and unexpected charges. Here’s how you save time and costs and add to your customer base:

  • Free international payments: we never charge cross border fees
  • Competitive and flexible pricing
  • Low cost currency conversions for foreign exchange transactions
  • Global and local payment options with only one integration required.
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Fast, low cost and secure transactions for you and your customers

Advantages to your business

  • Free to register – no set-up fee
  • Free fraud screening – state-of-the-art risk and fraud management
  • Lower fees on your commercial transactions
  • Instant payments in to your Skrill account
  • Fully integrated into your shopping cart checkout flow
  • Easy and fast set up within 72 hours.

Advantages to your customers

  • Easy way to pay safely online – no sign-up required to make payments
  • Payment is convenient and immediate – pay with a bank account, debit or credit card
  • Multiple local payment options available, allowing your customers to pay how they want
  • Internationally recognised brand.

Which provider is right for you?

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