Skrill iT to an M-PESA mobile wallet

All you need to send money is the receiver's full name and an M-PESA mobile phone number. The money is then instantly deposited directly into their activated mobile wallet and they receive an SMS.

Want to send money somewhere else? Skrill iT covers 200 countries. Find out more here.

Don't just send it. Skrill iT

Sending and receiving is easy

Send money at anytime from anywhere online directly to an activated M-PESA mobile wallet. The money you send is instantly available, so no need to go and collect the money.

Our fees are transparent

Skrill iT shows you exactly how much your friends and relatives will receive before sending and you can choose from 40 currencies and 100 ways to load and withdraw money.

More arrives when you Skrill iT

With rates of just 1%, capped at a maximum of €10, you can afford to send more to your family and friends.*

Here are some questions frequently asked about Skrill iT

Can I use my existing Skrill account or do I need to open a new account for Skrill iT?

If you have an existing Skrill account you can use it for Skrill iT.

How does sending money to a Mobile Wallet Work?

In Kenya, customers of M-PESA mobile company can choose to open a Mobile Wallet. This means that the phone has both a minute balance and a monetary balance.

How do people I send money to receive it?

f they have a mobile wallet, they will already know how it works. It's like a mobile bank account.

The money is automatically and instantly added to their monetary balance.

If they want to spend the money, there are thousands of shops and services that accept the mobile wallet payment.

If they want to withdraw the money as cash, there are thousands of agents that allow cash withdrawals over the counter from their mobile wallet balance.

If they want to, M-PESA allows them to withdraw funds to their linked bank account in Kenya.

Is sending to a mobile wallet secure?

Yes, Skrill gets an authorisation code from M-PESA and then sends the money instantly. The money sent is guaranteed. It arrives immediately and can be spent or withdrawn instantly.

The homepage of Skrill iT uses USD as the currency but the wallet says Kenyan Shillings. What will arrive?

We give all Skrill customers the option to send to a Skrill wallet or a local mobile wallet. If you send to a Skrill wallet, the receiver can choose their currency, although most wallets in Africa are US Dollars. If the sender chooses a mobile wallet, then the funds will arrive in Kenyan Shillings. In both scenarios we show exactly what you send, the send money fee, the exchange rate and exactly how much will arrive.

How much does it cost to send money?

Skrill iT charges 1% Send Money fee, capped at €10 equivalent. Skrill have benchmarked this and found it is usually considerably cheaper than other money transfer networks, which is why we believe more arrives when you Skrill iT.

What is the currency conversion fee?

We charge up to 3.99% FX fee if you're sending from GBP, Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar or Polish Zloty.

If you're sending from any other currency the rate is 4.99%.

What cards can I use to add funds?

MasterCard, Visa or American Express

Do I need to verify my card first?

We will verify your payment using 3D Secure or ask you to verify using information you have previously provided to us.

Are there other ways I can pay, for instance Online Bank Transfer like Sofort or iDeal?

Yes, there is a link to alternative ways to pay that gives details of other payment methods. You can also send money from your Skrill Digital Wallet balance.

Why do I need to enter my mobile number for verification?

As an extra security measure we ask customers to verify their identity via an SMS code. This is only required for customers whose payment card is not verified using 3D Secure.

Don't just send it. Skrill iT

Send money at anytime from anywhere online directly to an activated M-PESA mobile wallet.

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